Preview Florida Lots for Sale with Google Street View

Google MapsWhat if you could view Florida land investments for sale and “walk the neighborhood” without leaving your home? Well you can, using Google Street View!

How Does Google Collect Street View Images?

Google uses a fleet of cars that travel throughout Florida, the United States, and around the world.  Each car has one computer and a camera mounted on top.  Each camera has 15 lenses that take 360 degrees of photos.

How Do You Use Street View?

Open up Google Maps and search for a location that interests you.  The location can be an address, an intersection or just a street, city and state.  If the land itself does not have an advertised address, try to get the address of the house next door or the house across the street and enter that.

Click and drag the orange Pegman to the place you want to see.  To “walk down the street”, click on the white arrows overlaid on the street or use the up and down arrows on your keyboard.  Rotate the view to see 360 degrees using the wheel in the upper left corner.  You can play around with the Street View by clicking here.

Who is Pegman?

Pegman is one of my most valued staff members here at Gratia Group.  Using Google Street View, it’s like we send Pegman out to the parcel with a camera, direct his every move remotely, and he beams photos back to us.

How Can Land Buyers and Sellers Benefit From Using Street View?

You can research all kinds of things!

  • Slope and terrain (Is the parcel steeply sloped? Or is the terrain rolling or flat?)
  • Grading (Has a flat pad or driveway been graded on the parcel?)
  • Structures (Are there any outbuildings or other structures on the parcel?)
  • Utilities (Are there electric or telephone poles in the street?)
  • Water (Is there a fire hydrant at a street corner indicating availability of district water? Or is a water tank or well house visible on the land?)
  • Signs (Is there an old real estate sign or “for sale by owner” sign on the parcel indicating the parcel has been on the market awhile? Are there for sale signs on competing parcels nearby?)
  • Homes (Are there quality homes nearby or is it a rough looking neighborhood?)
  • Street (Is it paved or unpaved?)
  • Debris (Is there junk on the parcel? Is the neighbor’s property an eyesore?)
  • View (Does it look like there may be a good view from the land?)
  • Fenced (Is it fully or partially fenced? What kind of fencing is it?)
  • Cars (Are the cars parked on the street nice or old junkers?)

To learn more about how to view lots for sale in Florida through Google street view, contact an expert member of the Gratia Group team at (239) 333-2221.


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