Gratia Group Featured Lot of Week- Lucrative Plot for Investment or Home Site

2417 NE 19th AveThis week Gratia Group Real Estate is proud to release a newly Featured Lot of the Week that is sure to be a hit with investors and those looking for home sites alike.  Located at 2417 NE 19th Ave. in sunny Cape Coral Florida, this lot is a lucrative find and listed at only $12,000, a steal for the very popular northeast region of the largest city in Southwest Florida.  This mostly cleared Cape Coral land lot will make the perfect addition to any investment portfolio or a great location to build your Florida dream home.

Come invest in one of the hottest areas of Florida, Lee County.  The region is best known for world-class fishing, beaches and a warm sunny tropical lifestyle.  Cape Coral is a large family oriented community just minutes away from Fort Myers that offers beautiful parks and a wonderful school system.

To learn more about the Gratia Group Featured Lot of the Week contact a member of the Gratia Group Land Sales Team at (239) 333-2221.

Researching Land in Florida for Sale

Florida Land for Sale

Getting ready to buy property isn’t as simple and straightforward as buying groceries.  For starters, it’s typically not purchased regularly.  Because of this, there are many complexities and questions that arise.

When invest in Florida land sales, you’re investing your money, time and future.  All of these are very important.  To help save you from stress and frustration,  we’ve compiled some helpful hints for how to research land for sale before you buy.

Questions To Ask Yourself

There are several questions someone must consider before they buy.  These should include:

  • Where do I want my property to be?
  • What purpose do I want this property to serve?
  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • What qualities do I want?

By compiling a list of your expectations or desires, you will be able to focus on what the important factors are to you.  This will assist you significantly as you create a good, short list of potential properties.

If You Want to Build On Your Property

If your goal is to build a house on the newly-purchased vacant lot, there are a few things to consider when conducting your research.  Most importantly, what is the zoning code for this property?  County offices record all properties, and every county differs in zoning restrictions related to FL land.  Some counties have strict size rules, only allowing construction of a building if the property is of certain acreage.  Other times, you might be able to build a single-family dwelling, but not a commercial building, or vice versa.

Installing Power, Water and Sewage

Not every property has direct access to power lines.  There are off-the-grid properties that might be too far away to set up water and sewage, preventing you from either building or living on the property.

Counties Are Your Friend

As you research lots you will find that the county the property is located in will be your best bet for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the Florida lot for sale.  There are many different offices within the county.  For questions pertaining to building or making any improvements to your land, the best department to contact is Planning and Zoning.  For general questions about the property (i.e. its history of owners, who currently holds title to it, etc.) the Recorder’s office will be your best bet. Lastly, questions about property taxes can be answered by the Tax Assessor’s office.

If you have general regarding land, contact an expert member of the Gratia Group land team at (239) 333-2221.  We love to share our vast knowledge of the Florida land market and are a great resource for beginner investors looking to break into the Florida land scene!


Gratia Group Featured Lot of The Week: Great Location in Port Charlotte, Florida

Avery Road PC FL
This week Gratia Group is excited to announce a newly listed Featured Lot of the Week, a great deal in Port Charlotte, Fl.  Located at 15505 Avery Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33981 this undeveloped Florida lot for sale is a perfect find for an investor wanting to build their real estate portfolio with great investment land parcels.  Listed at only $10,900, this lot is sure to sell fast.

The zone on the Gulf of Mexico from Venice to Port Charlotte is world famous for its fishing, beaches and beautiful climate.  Now it is also one of the best places in the US to find profitable land and waterfront property investment opportunities.  The real estate market meltdown is over and land prices have started to rise quickly after reaching bargain levels across the board, usually down 60% to 90% since August 2005.  Port Charlotte land prices are moving up and home inventories very low, at seller’s market levels.

To learn more about the Gratia Group Featured Lot of the Week contact an expert member of the Gratia Group sales team at (239) 333-2221.

Enjoy Sailboat and Gulf Access with the Gratia Group Featured Lot of the Week


Boat enthusiasts are sure to love the Gratia Group Featured Lot of the Week, a beautiful Florida lot with sailboat and gulf access.  Located at 3428 Santa Clara Drive in Punta Gorda, Florida this lot also offers river and harbor access, giving boaters access to virtually every type of waterway in the city. Listed at only $55,000 this lot is located in the popular Harbour Heights area of Punta Gorda.

Harbour Heights is a cozy community nestled along the Peace River in Charlotte County, Florida.  This secluded community is particularly attractive to retirees and Baby Boomers.  With fewer than 3,000 residents, the community has the feel of a small town, where everyone knows their neighbors.  Enjoy the Florida outdoors under shady old oak trees at Harbour Heights Park, which has a boat ramp, fishing pier on the Peace River, picnic tables and barbeque grills, basketball, tennis and shuffleboard courts.  There are numerous public golf courses nearby, and the community park provides a tranquil place to relax.  Here the Harbour Heights Horticultural Society thrives, and the Women’s Club and Civic Association sponsor town events.  The nearby Deep Creek elementary school and park playground attract families and children.

The weather is always beautiful, and naturalists and bird enthusiasts abound, reveling in the Florida landscape, and the local bird sanctuary.  Whether you long for a view of the mangrove islands or a glimpse of an egret, dolphin or manatee, you are never far from the water.  Here you can canoe and fish to your heart’s content.  You can enjoy the nearby convenience of I-75, the Fort Myers airport, and Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, where you will find restaurants, schools, entertainment, medical facilities, and grocery stores.

To learn more about the Gratia Group Featured Lot of the Week or any of our many land and lots for sale throughout South Florida, contact a member of the Gratia Group Land Team at (239) 333-2221.

Preview Florida Lots for Sale with Google Street View

Google MapsWhat if you could view Florida land investments for sale and “walk the neighborhood” without leaving your home? Well you can, using Google Street View!

How Does Google Collect Street View Images?

Google uses a fleet of cars that travel throughout Florida, the United States, and around the world.  Each car has one computer and a camera mounted on top.  Each camera has 15 lenses that take 360 degrees of photos.

How Do You Use Street View?

Open up Google Maps and search for a location that interests you.  The location can be an address, an intersection or just a street, city and state.  If the land itself does not have an advertised address, try to get the address of the house next door or the house across the street and enter that.

Click and drag the orange Pegman to the place you want to see.  To “walk down the street”, click on the white arrows overlaid on the street or use the up and down arrows on your keyboard.  Rotate the view to see 360 degrees using the wheel in the upper left corner.  You can play around with the Street View by clicking here.

Who is Pegman?

Pegman is one of my most valued staff members here at Gratia Group.  Using Google Street View, it’s like we send Pegman out to the parcel with a camera, direct his every move remotely, and he beams photos back to us.

How Can Land Buyers and Sellers Benefit From Using Street View?

You can research all kinds of things!

  • Slope and terrain (Is the parcel steeply sloped? Or is the terrain rolling or flat?)
  • Grading (Has a flat pad or driveway been graded on the parcel?)
  • Structures (Are there any outbuildings or other structures on the parcel?)
  • Utilities (Are there electric or telephone poles in the street?)
  • Water (Is there a fire hydrant at a street corner indicating availability of district water? Or is a water tank or well house visible on the land?)
  • Signs (Is there an old real estate sign or “for sale by owner” sign on the parcel indicating the parcel has been on the market awhile? Are there for sale signs on competing parcels nearby?)
  • Homes (Are there quality homes nearby or is it a rough looking neighborhood?)
  • Street (Is it paved or unpaved?)
  • Debris (Is there junk on the parcel? Is the neighbor’s property an eyesore?)
  • View (Does it look like there may be a good view from the land?)
  • Fenced (Is it fully or partially fenced? What kind of fencing is it?)
  • Cars (Are the cars parked on the street nice or old junkers?)

To learn more about how to view lots for sale in Florida through Google street view, contact an expert member of the Gratia Group team at (239) 333-2221.

What is a Plat Map?

Plat MapDuring your research into a parcel of investment land for sale you have probably run across the term “plat” associated with it.  Plat is a term for a survey of a piece of land to identify boundaries, easements, flood zones, roadway, and access rights of way.  It is the legal description of a specific piece of real property and is required if land is to subdivided for building homes, creating parks, and setting aside rights of way.  Any change to the plat creates a replat which is still a plat.

This makes it sound like every piece of land is platted but that isn’t the case.  Platting only occurs in subdivided land and finding out if your property is platted is pretty simple.  If the deed describes the land by lot numbers within a subdivision, it has been platted.  If the land is described using metes and bounds, it has not been platted nor subdivided.

When you are purchasing property the title company will often include a plat map of the subdivision and parcel with the preliminary title paperwork.  This is very important to read and keep for future development on that property and to learn exactly where easements and other set asides are placed to eliminate any future headaches and extra work if the municipality comes in with a new roadway or utilities.

The plat map provides you with a tract number and probably the name of the subdivision itself if the builder has given one.  The lot numbers for each parcel in the subdivision will be shown along with the approximate lot dimensions.  The plat map shows you the shape of the parcel, an especially good piece of information if it is irregular.  Pie shaped and many sided parcels may have been carved out depending on the shape of the original investment real estate.  The plat map gives approximate dimensions, great to know for sellers and buyers.  The plat map also includes the builder’s lot number and a parcel number assigned by the county assessor’s office.

The definition of a plat pretty much tells you why plats are used.  The term is a way to describe land in a way commonly used across not only the real estate and building industry, but also for legal purposes. Most states and local jurisdictions require subdivided lots to be platted prior to building or sale.  As you may have guessed, platting has fees associated with it.

Understanding plats is one of the most basic requirements of dealing in real estate.  The plat tells you exactly what you are buying, what you have to sell, and what to take into account while planning the development of that lot.  To learn more about plat maps give Gratia Group a call at (239) 333-2221.

Featured Property of the Week from Gratia Group: Double Lot with Great View in SW Cape Coral


Gratia Group is happy to release a new Featured Property of the Week, a double lot with great views in SW Cape Coral.  This Cape Coral land for sale located at 4601 SW 26th Place Cape Coral, FL 33914 is in one of the most popular areas of the Cape for investment purchases.  Located on a highly desirable Gulf Access canal and a corner lot, this parcel is priced great for the area at $259,000 and will sell fast!

Southwest Cape Coral is one of the most up and coming areas of Cape Coral and land and lots for sale in this area sell fast as development in the region is on the rise.  The SW Cape is home to make parks, schools and shopping making it a very hot area for families and couples.  Located just a short drive from the nightlife of downtown Cape Coral and Fort Myers, the area is quite a convenient choice when purchasing Cape Coral lots.

To learn more about the Gratia Group Feature Property of the Week contact a member of the Gratia Group expert land sales team at (239) 222-3331.