Babcock Ranch- SWFL

Babcock Ranch

Babcock Ranch is SWFL’s newest community and a pioneer is sustainable communities.  The first eco-city of its kind in Florida, Babcock Ranch will include 19,500 residential land lots for sale over a 17,000 acre parcel fully powered by solar.  This will make Babcock Ranch the solar powered city in the country.  In fact, it is predicted that the community will make so much energy soaking up that famous Florida sunshine, that it will be able to sell energy back to Florida Light and Power.

Located in Lee and Charlotte counties, Phase one of the Babcock Ranch sustainable community development includes a plethora of green, earth friendly options for residents.  Of course, the solar power is one major selling point of home lots in the Babcock Ranch development, but these homes will also be Florida green-build certified and include eco-friendly options including native landscaping and gray water irrigation systems in their home sites. The community will also be breaking technology barriers introducing 1 gigabyte fiberoptic cable capacity to every home, a health center with telehealth services and automated cars for shared, driverless transport within the community.  Healthy living will also be front and center at Babcock Ranch!  From locally grown produce, community garden areas and walkable schools, the residents will surely be fit and happy!   The developers of Babcock Ranch are not only creating an eco-friendly city but a place with front porch culture with no gates and mixed price ranges in each neighborhood creating a range of diversity.

Babcock Ranch has been designed with drawing in high tech firms in research and development in mind.  The development includes for commercial and office areas in the hopes of housing major national firms in these fields.  It is planned that a total of 20,000 permanent jobs would be added from business opportunities in Babcock Ranch that would sustain up to 50,000 residents.

If you are interested in land lots for sale in Babcock Ranch, contact a member of the 9 Core Realty Team today!




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