The Top Places to Purchase Waterfront Florida Land for Sale

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It happens every year: Right around the time we finally throw out the desiccated Christmas tree, put away the broken toys, and get back into the swing of work, we look up to find ourselves deep in the dark, dank, bone-chilling portion of winter that never seems to end. So it’s the perfect time to start the search for sandier and sunnier pastures!

It may seem counterintuitive as you’re snowblowing your front walk or drying out your socks, but now is a great time to begin thinking about buying a beachfront home and Florida land sales that you can use throughout the summer—or rent out to pay the mortgage and then some.

Buyers have more choice and more leverage in negotiations in the off-season, so even though total inventory is lower, there are far fewer buyers for what is on the market, and that gives buyers an upper hand.

And the off-season is a much better time to engage local contractors to take care of any repairs or upgrades—especially critical if you’re thinking of leasing the place out. Taking action before the peak season will ensure it can capture as much of the peak rental revenue as possible for your Florida lots and land for sale.

The housing market in Southwest Florida has been red-hot for the past few years, but Sarasota (No.1) is getting blistering.

Here’s a full list and median list prices of the hottest waterfront real estate markets in Florida:

  • Sarasota, FL: $339,000
  • Naples, FL: $479,000
  • Myrtle Beach, SC: $168,950
  • Delray Beach, FL: $248,950
  • Vero Beach, FL: $309,000
  • Miami Beach, FL: $569,000
  • Jupiter, FL: $489,000
  • Lake Worth, FL: $210,000
  • Venice, FL: $265,000
  • Palm Harbor, FL: $235,000

To learn more about the market for vacation homes in Florida, visit 9 Core Realty on the web!


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