How to View a Potential Land Parcel Online

Locating that perfect piece of property is an ‘ah ha’ moment.  Perhaps you are seeking the perfect lot to add to your land portfolio or maybe you’re looking for a home site to build your dream home, but you know the moment that you find it.  Nowadays, many searches for potential land to buy are done totally on the internet.  You find that perfect piece of land, but how do you actually get to view it before you sign on the dotted line?

Many people are familiar with the process of buying existing homes online.  You search for your perfect home, narrow down your selections to view and contact a real estate agent to set up times to view the homes in person.  With land the process, can seem a bit untraditional, but is completely plausible that you can locate, research and view the perfect land lot totally on the Web!

#1 Photos:  If you aren’t able to view your property in person, the next best thing is a photo.  Either a photo of the general area or the actual property should give you a basic idea of the lay of the land and any potential issues you could run into if you were to purchase the property.

#2 Satellite Maps/Google Earth:  This tool is almost more of a toy if you are a map “nerd”.  All you need is access to the internet and the address or coordinates of the property.  Satellite maps are a great way to see what the property’s terrain looks like, what kind of roads are in the area, where a property is located in relation to nearby towns, amenities, and recreation and what kind of development surrounds the property.

#3 Street View/Google Maps:  Google Maps street view is an easy to use tool that will give you a ground view level of your potential property.  Keep in mind that street view is more accessible in highly developed areas.  In rural areas, use street view to get an idea of how the general area looks.

#4 Parcel Map:  These are generally the types of maps you see when you view a property in the Gratia Group catalog.  A parcel map won’t give you a great idea of what an actual property looks like, it can help you determine how your property compares to others situated sound it.   Parcel Maps can provide you with information about planned roads for the area, property location in relation to surrounding properties, dimensions and legal description.

To learn more about viewing land for sale online contact an expert member of the Gratia Group sales team at (239) 333-2221.




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