Land Survey 101 for Land Owners and Buyers

Land SurveyLand survey, while not a requirement of buying Florida land, is a smart move if you choose to develop your land in the future.  You can still use, own and enjoy the land without a survey, but many first time land buyers choose to have a land or lot parcel surveyed for a variety of reasons.

First, let’s start with a definition as many land owners are unfamiliar with land surveys.  A land survey is performed by a land survey professional.  During a land survey, the surveyor will mark the physical boundaries of your land parcel and then later record the results with the county land records division.

There are certain times in land ownership when a survey will be needed or required.  These instances can include:

1)   When you want to develop your land and take a construction loan out to do so.

2)  If you choose to fence off a portion or all of your land and exact boundaries may be in question.

3)  prior to installing a driveway or creating or reevaluating an existing land easement

Price for land surveys vary by a variety of circumstances including:

  • Shape and size of your property
  • The state/county/city where your property is located
  • If a prior survey had been completed and markers are still present
  • Location of the property: how close to the survey office, how far off paved roads, etc.
  • Type of terrain and vegetation on your land parcel
  • Time of Year

To learn more about land surveys and purchasing lots and land for sale, contact an expert member of the Gratia Group Land Sales Team at (239) 333-2221.


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