Why you Should Invest in Land!

Finding land to invest in isn’t a tough task to complete.  It’s actually quite simple.  You locate a plot of land, negotiate and make an offer, but when working through the land sales process you should employ a great deal of due diligence.

When you decide that purchasing land in Florida for investment purposes id for you, you should begin with an end in mind.  Consider if you want to invest in a residential or a commercial plot of land.  Then, verify the zoning on lot and see if any permits will be required.  Also, check traffic counts and planned road improvements for the area where your lot is located.  You don’t want to be surprised in the future when a six land highway is built next to your lot and the value falls drastically.  Also, keep in mind the cost of water and septic and verify that these utilities are already present.

One of the greatest rules in locating the perfect investment land is to never assume.  A piece of land could be great to the eye with a perfect location (perhaps on the waterfront or a golf course), but you need to ensure that it is suitable to build on.

Talking to local builders and the City Planning Board is a wonderful idea if you are planning on making a land investment purchase.  Both of these groups will be able to give you insight into future development in your area and steer you in the way of possible buyers for your land investment.

There are many advantages to investing in land including:

  • Land is a stable investment with a fixed value
  • Land is safer than stocks and produces higher returns
  • Land is a tangible investment
  • Land creates long term returns
  • As land becomes scarce in an area its value increases
  • Raw land is less expensive than developed land
  • The property taxes and maintenance on raw land is less than developed land

To learn more about making a land investment in sunny Southwest Florida contact a member of the Gratia Group Land Sales Team at (239) 333-2221.



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