Diversify your Investment portfolio with Land Investments

With over 35% of investors admitting that land represents 1-20% of their current investment portfolio, recent land ownership surveys conducted show that land continues to be a solid investment for novice and seasoned investors alike.  Even better news, the survey stated that 21.3% of investor’s portfolios contain 21-40% land investments.

Land is a tangible investment that appreciates in value and in many areas is in limited supply making it a wise choice for investors looking to build an investment portfolio that continually grows and greats profit and ROI.  Considered a safe, long term investment the real estate market that comprises land is steadier that the real property market.  Investment properties that create a rental income require maintenance, property management and finding a worthy tenant for your property while land investments require little to none of these requirements.

To learn more about investing in land and the many benefits of adding land to your investment portfolio, contact a member of the Gratia Land Group Sales Team at (239) 333-2221.


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