Calling All British Investors! Invest in United States Land Parcels Through a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)!

The United States is featuring many lucrative land investment offers to foreign investors and British land investors are snapping up many ideal land parcels through self invested personal pension (SIPP) purchases.  A SIPP is a personal pension option that allows the contributor to decide exactly where their investments are placed.  Gone are the days of a broker or financial advisor deciding where your money is invested (usually in equities and funds).  SIPP’s put the individual investor in the driver’s seat as far as their pension is concerned while being entitled to complete and full tax relief.  Additional benefits of purchasing land with a SIPP include:

  • Tax relief on contributions up to 40% (for cash investments only)
  • No taxed dividends
  • No UK Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance tax benefits are possible
  • Almost all types of pensions are accepted for SIPP
  • All legal expenses associated with land purchase can be covered under a SIPP

Keep in mind that to use your SIPP to purchase property for sale in the United States you must work with an approved SIPP provider.  Your financial advisor or institution will be able to help you make an informed decision when locating a provider.  Be sure to tell your advisor that you plan to use your SIPP for land investment purchases as some SIPP providers specialize in only stocks, shares and equities.  To speak to a US land investment specialist for further details about SIPP land purchases contact at (239) 333-2221.


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